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We Turn Concepts into Products and Products into Sales

We work with companies and individuals to turn technical concepts into marketable products. We optimize products for manufacturing. We locate and negotiate with onshore and offshore manufacturers to produce products and with distributors to market them. We find new applications for existing technologies, products and formulations, and to find productive new uses for underutilized capital assets. We find strategic partners and help form joint ventures. We distribute selected products in domestic and foreign markets through our own partner network. We conceive, design and manufacture our own products, including the GutterSnipe line of wastewater treatment systems.

Current Customer Projects

An Eco Friendly Pet Product, See www.flushadoo.com
...A New Packaging Material for Healthcare and Industrial Use
...An Advanced Ergonomic Device to Prevent Worker Back Injury
...A Family of Hair Care & Cosmetic Products
...A Device for Cause Determination in High Voltage Power Transmission Outages
...A Cure for HIV/AIDS
...A New Family of Antivenoms for Snakebite

Products & Services

  • Product & Application Consulting
  • Research & Development
  • Industrial & Environmental Products
  • Export Management


Bill Bustamante (805) 506 7723

Tom Eversole   (310) 559-6970