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IMMUNOSCIENCE, INC. www.immunoscience.com

Immunoscience produces the Salivax line of non invasive saliva based rapid diagnostic kits, including tests for HIV and is developing the Contre Vir curative vaccine for HIV/AIDS. Contre Vir has been demonstrated to rid the body of HIV in informal tests and is entering FDA compliant Phase I clinical trials at the end of this year.

Bio Egypt (www.bio-egypt.org)

Bio Egypt (United Company for Biological Industries Ltd.) is a private sector, Egypt-based health care company operating in the Middle East Region in the field of disease prevention and cure. Among their innovative technologies are a new approach to antivenom manufacturing that avoids allergic reactions and does not require cold chain transportation, and a method for extracting and purifying bee venom that does not harm the bees. Bio Egypt also acts as agent/distributor in Egypt for several Western pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers. The company is seeking commercial affiliations and R & D collaborators in the US.

ADVENT is the United States Agent for Bio Egypt.

LIGHTNING MASTER CORPORATION  www.lightningmaster.com

Lightning Master is the world leader in technology to protect delicate electronics from  electrical damage caused by lightning, power system surge or electro magnetic pulse (EMP). Their technology protects airports, bridges, cable TV, cellular telephone systems, electric utilities, amusement parks, industrial plants, hospitals, oil refineries and storage tanks, and process industries worldwide.

The Teddy Bag Company

The Teddy Bag Company developed and distributes Flushadoo flushable dog waste collection and disposal bags (see www.flushadoo.com) plus other innovative ecologically sound packaging and containment materials.